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  1. The video I watched was burn baby burn and I thought it was interesting because they are trying to make new technology and how to make space ships that wont catch on fire and its amazing

  2. Today I watched Burn Baby Burn, Take a Seat and What a Baby. The video that I found most interesting was Take A Seat. It is very cool that you can make the body into a simple machine. Before I watched this video I wanted to be a photographer, but Tammy inspired me to possibly become a bio engineer.

    • I agree with you. Also it has so much humor in which my parents say I have. The thing I like about it is that it shows how Tammy wanted to become a bioengineer.

  3. My favorite video was the burn baby burn video. I liked it because it was cool how the guy talked about how your never supposed to give up. He also gave an example of something for him.Becuase at first he did not know haw to salsa dance but then he practiced and practiced and now he know so he’s trying to teach you to try then you can learn something

  4. I liked the video about sky scrapers. It is so interesting how triangles help builders in so many different ways. It is also so interesting how people are able to accomplish such a complicated project. Now I know why Mrs.Christie-blick told us to use triangles in our bridge design. “So fascinating”!

  5. My favorite video was burn baby burn because it talked about that NASA had
    to use aluminized milar because it was the only metal that did not burn it is a really
    good video you should watch it.

  6. I wached the video “Burn Baby Burn, Out of this world, and Take a seat”I thoght Burn Baby Burn was the best. I liked it becaues they get to test metals by lighting it on fire, streching it , and puncturing it. If one metal makes it through all the tests they may use it in SPACE!!!!!!!

  7. I watched every single video. Out of all of them, I think “Take A Seat” was my favorite video. It combines humor and science, both of which I like. Now I want to have a race with swivel chairs.

  8. I watched Burn Baby Burn, Take a Seat and What a Baby. My favorite was what a baby. I liked this one because I think it is cool to see the science behind toys. I also think that the job she had (toyologist) would be so much fun!

  9. I watched take a seat, burn baby burn and volcano ash molding. My favorite was take a seat because it explained about the back and how it works. My favorite part of the video was the part when Terry put the bulbs on the woman and she fast forward her moving. It looked so cool! I learned that the back has a natural form at the bottom that has a curve. Say that bob has a chair. That chair was probably in “the lab” before bob got it. This was a great video and you should watch it 🙂

  10. I think “Out of this World!” was the best because Tracy Drain is building a satellite that will orbit Jupiter. It will give us new information that we did not have before.

  11. I watched “Volcano Ash Modeling , Burn Baby Burn, and Out of this World! “videos my favorite was Out of this World! video.I liked this video because I liked the idea of a solar paneled space craft.It blew my mind that NASA did that because not only is it helping then it’s also not polluting the air as much.

  12. I watched Burn Baby Burn, Robots, and Volcano Ash. My favorite one was Robots. I was amazed how robots can do tasks humans have a hard time doing.

  13. In my opinion I think that waste to watts was the most fascinating out of the videos I saw. I didn’t know that cow poop can be turned into watts (electricity). If you do this this can create less air pollution for the earth. This is what I think about the video waste to watts!!!!!

  14. I watched Burn Baby Burn, Robot and What a Baby! I liked Robot the most because I find it really cool that robots can be used for space, factories and other amazing things.

  15. The videos I watched were Burn Baby Burn, skyscraper video, and robots video. My favorite was Skyscraper video. What fascinated me was the engineers in Skyscraper video were building football domes, I would want to build football or sports arena if I was an engineer.

  16. I thought that the volcano ash modeling video was the most fascinating out of the videos I have seen. I thought it was because it showed really cool volcano facts and the destruction it is cable of. Its important to show how dangerous and hot ash is so we know if a volcano erupts we know to move away. Its also fascinating because it shows active volcanoes erupting whits is so cool!

  17. The three videos I watched was the robot,burn baby burn and the volcano ash video. The one I found the most interesting was the robot one. I found it so interesting because it must of took months maybe years to make the mars rover but factory machines are probably kinda easy to make. I think that because rovers have to be more technical because it could fly or go to another planet. But I found all of them interesting and really cool.

  18. Out of the videos that I watched, I think Waste to Watts was most interesting. I had no idea that poop and food waste can be turned into electricity. The cow poop would end up polluting the air, but instead is is converted to something helpful. When doing this, they are eliminating what is contributing to global warming the most.

  19. I watched Burn Baby Burn, Waste to Watts, and What a Baby. I found What a Baby the most interesting video. I think it is amazing that such a small material can do something so amazing

  20. I think the most fascinating video was robots because it says “that a robot has four basic parts to the robot”! I thought there were like 10 different basic parts. I think it is cool because in the video it shows a robot and it was shaped like a dog.

  21. My favorite video was the Skyscraper video! I really liked getting to see the skyscrapers because of there ginormous heights. Getting to see a little bit of the proccess during the making of the building was very impressive to me. It was really cool to have someone talk to me about all differenet kinds of skyscrapers which really had my attention.

  22. I also found it amazing that a mission to Mars takes at least 6 months! And, I think it’s cool that in his job he does tests to burn or bend any material.

  23. I watched Burn Baby Burn, Waste to Watts,and Volcano Ash Modeling. Out of those three, my favorite was Burn Baby Burn. That one was my favorite because it showed me that if you keep trying and persevere, nothing can stop you. It also shows me that you can always accomplish your dreams.

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