Animal Habitats in South Africa

White Rhino


Check out this photo of a rhinoceros! Isn’t she beautiful?! She’s living a happy life in her habitat in South Africa.


An animal’s habitat is the natural surroundings in which it lives. In South Africa, as in the United States, the habitats are as beautiful and as varied as the animals themselves. Look at my photos of real animals in their habitats. Why does an animal live in a particular habitat? What will happen if people decide to build houses, or a big mall, or a freeway there?


Why does an antelope live in a savanna?

Red Hartebeest



Why does a zebra live in a savanna?



Why does a lion live in a savanna?



Why does a hippo live near a pond?



Why does a giraffe live in savanna woodland?

Giraffe Family


Why does an elephant live in a savanna woodland?

African Elephants


Why does a penguin live on the beach and in the ocean?

South African Penguins


Why does a seal live on rocks and in the ocean?



Why does a shark live in the ocean?

Great White Shark


Which of these habitats would you like to visit? What would you hope to see there?

To see other animals and their habitats, click on the links for the animals I photographed while in the country of Tanzania (in the right sidebar of this blog), or visit the other South Africa pages.

2 thoughts on “Animal Habitats in South Africa

  1. That’s so cool when you went to Africa for the first time unknowing that the animals are so colse by were you scared ? What was the most interesting animal and animal habitat that you saw.

    • Well, first I did my homework before arriving, so I knew about the animals and how to enjoy them while still staying safe. I think the most interesting animal is the elephant because it demonstrates much ability to think and make decisions. Every habitat that has wild animals is an interesting habitat!

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