Social Studies

LO Hud

Use the five listed media (newspaper) sites to help you find articles for Current Events.  

1.  NY Daily News

 2.  NY Post

3.   USA Today

4.   NY times

5.   Lo Hud (Journal News)

constitution articles and 10 amendements

human body- constitution articles



American History – Rockland BOCES

Student Pre-Test

Mr. Donn’s American History





United States Symbol Search

Explore America’s Story

Resources for America’s Past

Causes of American Revolution

Britain & Its Colonies


Constitution Challenge

MOODLE Course – THA Bill of Rights

Design a Newspaper for American Revolution

Lewis and Clark -PBS

The Civil War

Colonies of America

Tour Guide for Canada

Louisiana Purchase with Charles Kuralt

The Wright Brothers  

Why Pearl Harbor Happened

How the Wright Brothers Changed the World

Pearl Harbor

First Hand Pearl Harbor Accounts

Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony- click on the 10 minute video below 


Womens Rights