December Acceptance “Super” Power

December’s superpower is acceptance. Acceptance is the willingness to embrace feelings, habits, or beliefs that are different from your own. Acceptance is the ability to experience or survive something unpleasant. Acceptance is the willingness to tolerate a difficult or unpleasant situation. We all have the human need and right to be accepted.

This month’s book of the month is Remember: The Journey to School Integration. It is a collection of photographs from the Civil Right movement and the era of public school integration with a story by Toni Morrison. In this two-minute mini-documentary, Toni Morrison introduces her book and shows young people the relevance of the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decision.

After reading Toni Morrison’s Remember: The Journey to School Integration, look back at photographs on page 22, 42 and 67. Select one photograph and write a dialogue between the two students. Post the conversation to this blog.


The Inuit Research Project

Mr. McAuliffe’s and Mrs. Cavanagh’s class spent the month of October researching the Inuit near the Arctic Circle. We researched how the ancient Inuit were a complex society. We had a choice to examine their use of language and writing, transportation, hunting and gathering, community or clothing. Each off us chose 3 of the 4 topics to research.

In our research we had to provide evidence that supported our claim that the Inuit were a complex society. Then find quotes that supported our claim from Inuit non-fiction texts. Next we had to explain our evidence and quotes.

After we completed our essay we could design a board featuring our writing. Our board also had to include a map of where the Inuit lived and three additional pictures that supported our essay. Finally, we had to record a small caption next to our picture.

Below you will find images of our Inuit boards!!!!

Up next:  Declaration of Independence

Halloween 2017

On Halloween, Mr. McAuliffe’s and Mrs. Cavanagh’s class had the opportunity to celebrate. Thanks to Mrs. Dudley, Mrs. McCormack and Mrs. McLaughlin for providing a great craft (designing Halloween themed jars) and some tasty snacks. as you can see we were well dressed for the parade.


Gratitude – Hulk

Here are three challenges:

  1. Call that special person on the green slip and let them know how grateful you are for him/her. Return the slip to school and link it to our gratitude chain.
  2. Bring in an item for our Food Drive.
  3. Be inspired by The Secret of Saying Thanks and keep a 21-Day Gratitude Journal. Read and listen to our book of the month here – Secret of Saying Thanks. Write down 3 things you’re grateful for. They can be super simple—and nothing is too small. For example: 1. Favorite cereal this AM 2. Warm bed to sleep in 3. Funny chat with my brother. Do this for 21 days, But you can’t list your family members by name over and over. You have to write different things each day—this is how you learn to flex your gratitude muscle.Why 21 days? Scientists believe it takes that long for something to become a habit. Good luck!