TAH Lesson 4: Slavery and African Americans


Activity3: View the graph showing the amount of slave in the original 13 colonies/states. Then answer the questions on the worksheet based upon the information on the graph.


Now you read the story of Rosa Parks.

Rosa: Click on the link below to read/view the story Rosa.

When you get to the log-in page the user name is sosd. The password is bookflix Next click on People and Places , then click grades 5-8 and flip the pages to view/listen/read the story.

As you are listening/reading think about the fact these 13th, 14th and 15th amendments were passed 1865, 1868, and 1870. Yet, Rosa story was in the 1950’s almost 100 years later. Had life really improved from the days of slavery to Rosa?

Rosa Parks Video Book

2 thoughts on “TAH Lesson 4: Slavery and African Americans

  1. I think that the people are talking about bringing slaves to the country since the picture is dated 1655 I think it is before people realized slavery is bad and abusive so that’s why they’re talking about it. I think we will be learning about slave trades and fights against slavery.

  2. I think in this picture there trying to sell a slave and thats the slave standing on the table the people that are gathered around are the people that want the slave
    The evidence that supports my idea is all the people from town come out to try and set and offer for the slave
    I think that our lesson today is about the slaves and what they do for the constitution.

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