History & You

Feeling bored? Nothing to do on the weekend? Looking for a family road trip? Here is the answer…and the whole family can learn at the same time.

Document your trip with photos. Create a photo story using a web-based movie maker like Animoto,   Photopeach, Flixtime, etc.  There are also many apps available now for cell phones if your parents give you permission to download to their phone. Feel free to take advantage of our new Mac Lab. Documenting stories is a wonderful opportunity. Your story will be embedded on this blog so others can learn from your experience as well.  Go explore!


Home of Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt
4097 Albany Post Rd.
Hyde Park, NY 12538
FDR's Mansion Website

Remember to take a picture of the four words are written at the base of the Berlin Wall Memorial. Include a picture of the plaque stating who is buried in the Rose Garden at Hyde Park. Is there an early 20th century invention found inside Roosevelt's home that you could photo? Capture items found in Eleanor Roosevelt's private bedroom. Have fun!


Virtual tour of Ellis Island

Interested in immigration? Take a trip to Ellis Island. Experience what life was like for immigrants arriving in America from the late 19th century through the first half of the 20th century.  Document your trip with photos of all the important facts you learned

ROAD TRIP #3 … Your Choice!

Check out Mr. Tanenbaum's Road Trip … Water Trip!

 New York is immersed with history. 
There is so much right here in South Orangetown. 
You don't even need to take a car!


For all you Yankee or sports fans. The Yogi berra Museum in New Jersey. Take a trip back in time to the glory days of baseball when it was the "game". Go with grandma or grandpa and let them take a trip down memeory lane.


The Yogi Berra Museum