TAH Lesson 3: Rights of the People and the 50 States

3. Supreme Court Case :In recent years, the Booneyville, New Jersey, public school district has established a dress code for their students. The Booneyille School District students must wear the school uniform. The students are not permitted to wear hats, “hoodies”, or sneakers in school. In 1996, then President Clinton, in his State of the Union address, supported school uniforms in public schools.

A student decides to take Booneyville School District to court stating “thedress code violates his/her 9th

Amendment right”.

Under the 9th Amendment – you are guaranteed all

rights not directly expressed in the Constitution.

Under the 10th Amendment – states are given all

rights not directly expressed under the Constitution.


This case went before the Supreme Court who do you think the Supreme Court would side with the student or the school district? Why or why not? Explain your answer in 1 well written paragraph.

10 thoughts on “TAH Lesson 3: Rights of the People and the 50 States

  1. I think the kids would get the right the rights. Because the school is not the state like it said in the 10th amendment, that anything not in the constitution goes back to the states. And in the 9th amendment it says anything basic that is not in the constitution the people have the right to do it.

  2. i think that the student had a good reason that we still respect the constitution a we need to follow the rues the school broke them. the student was the most evidenced based. so i think that the student was right

  3. I think the supreme court went for the schools and the 10th amendment side because that states also have the power to chose if schools have those rules

  4. I think they side with the students because of with amendment 9. Students has the right to choose the right shirts.

  5. I think the people have the right to decide there dress code because it’s there identity and they should be able to choose what they want.As it say in the 9th amendment the power goes back to the people.

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