TAH Lesson 15: Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution

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Article 1 of the US Constitution


Watch the School House Rock video twice: “I am Just a Bill”. As you are watching the video think about what role the Legislative Branch (Congress) plays in our government. After the video be prepared to share.

15 thoughts on “TAH Lesson 15: Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution

  1. the bill applies to be a bill then it goes to the house of representative if it gets all the votes then it goes to the president and if it approves then it becomes a law but if it does not then it gets vetoed and the house of representatives have to vote again.

  2. A bill becomes a law when mulitible places say yes for the bill to become a law then the bill goes to the white house and if the president agrees that the bill should become a law he signs the bill and finnaly the bill becomes a law.

  3. the bill became a law becauase. so the bill started out as an idea then people sade stuff about how this showd be a bill then call. then the person said it should be a bill then they didsid and if the do then if the people vote yes for it to be a law then it hase to go to the wight house and the presadent hase to dicid and if he says yes then the bill is a law but if they say no it hase to go through ti all over agen.

  4. The bill turned to being a law because there were enough votes to make the bill a law because when theres enough votes and the president says no thats a veto but the veto passed so they got the bill a country

  5. A bill is made into a law by going through a long process first it is an idea than it goes to congress than it will be voted on than it will go to the president than the president will decide if it will become a law or stay a bill.

  6. A bill can turn into a law but the president has to agree, even if the whole congress agree, the president still has to. Thats called veto. All the president has to do is sign the bill and the bill will turn into a law.

  7. People vote on a bill and if more people vote yes then it goes to the presidont but if the presidont no then it has to redo the proses.

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