12 thoughts on “TAH Lesson 14: The Articles of Confederation

  1. I think this means the articles of confederation is just a dark memory that everyone wants to forget, like how shadows are dark and nobody cares about them

  2. I think Washington means that the Articles of Confederation were nothing compared to the government, they were not as strong and powerful and never would be.

  3. I think it means that the Articles of Confederation arenĀ“t that important. I also think that it means to not worry about the Articles of Confederation.

  4. I think that George Washington ment in his quote means that the government was just making the 13 colonies chose the same thing. Which kind of impossible, and just leaving that up to colonies.

  5. I think this quote means that the Articles of Confederation meant nothing more than the government. That it is a mistake to the government.
    When George said “shadow” he meant the Articles of Confederation means less then government.

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