Celebrate Women’s History Month with Frida Kahlo!

March is Women’s History Month!  So many amazing women have made (and are still making) a major impact in our world today!  

Do you know which famous woman created her own selfie?

Frida Kahlo was a famous artist who was born in Mexico and lived in a home named Casa Azul – which means blue house.  She was known for her self-portraits, which are just like today’s selfies!!  Let’s solve the MYSTERY to get to know how her selfies were different!

This is our next clue to what is the book our community will be reading for our Pick a Reading Partner program!!

  1. Take place in Mexico
  2. About Frida Kahlo

There are some fun books about Frida’s life to explore and activities to enjoy! You can print some of the activities or just make your own to follow along on a blank piece of paper!!  

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