Read Across America – First Week of March!

The month of March is known as National Reading Month – a month to motivate all of us to stop and just enjoy reading!!

The first week in March is known as Read Across America!!  The National Education Association created one special day for reading in 1997 – we have been lucky to celebrate World Read Aloud Day (the first Wednesday of every February) and Rockland Read In (typically the day before President’s Day weekend) the past few weeks.  Now we are able to have a whole week to remember!

Here is a fun way to celebrate diversity in our country through some beautiful stories!  *Thanks Ms. Kolesar for always being creative with your kids – and for your help with exploring some of these topics with me!

This month we will also be starting our PARP book – so stay tuned!!  Excited to share so much love of reading with all of you!!

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