Screen Free Fun – Crafts, Coloring, Activities

It is easy to spend SO much time on the computer doing “online learning”, digitally reading, face-timing with friends, but we all need a break from the screens sometimes.  I love all of the fun websites, games, Google, and apps have to offer, but it is better for all of our eyes to see the world without a screen sometimes. And remember parents, students should really only be “online learning” for 90 minutes a day, according to this article by Alice Keeler.  

Choose wisely, what do your children / students really need from you right now?

Provide choices.            Provide grace. Provide conversations.

So when your 90 minutes of Screen Time is up, here are a few ideas for you:

  • Read a book with characters. Act out and put on a play of your favorite part using stuffed animals, toys, or your own homemade characters (Maybe out of recycled materials?) Use chalk and draw your favorite character/ illustration on the sidewalk.
  • Draw a poster or card for a friend, a relative, a first responder, a health care worker, or anyone else who you feel needs a bit of positivity or needs a hug.  “Sending a hug” in the mail might not be the same, not as good, but it always brings a smile!
  • Read a book about shapes.  Look around your home to find objects that are squares and circles.  Draw a picture of four objects that you find.
  • Make a fort / tent with blankets (or go under a table with a blanket). Grab a few books. Turn off the lights and read using a flashlight.
  • Check out these Indoor/Outdoor Scavenger Hunts for fun or check out Ms. Zatarga’s On Screen / Off Screen list for some more activities!


Look through these ideas for some fun crafts

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