LFH: Teacher Resources

Looking for more texts for the kids to choose from for independent reading? Look at Epic, a different Reading program from RAZ Kids

How to Navigate Instagram – I used my laptop, so it would look a bit different from a phone (even better to be honest).

Tracy’s Google Cheat Cheat – click on the picture or the link below to get to the Google Slides document to get to each of these tutor how to sessions!https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1B_ACFrlWcf-td6iOxMVY3GI8kqe8YGmYVEsEAWZa3Es/edit?usp=sharing

How do I do this Distance Learning thing . . . ?

Teacher Resources: Password Protected Subscriptions – being offered for limited time

Teacher FREE Resources for Online Learning

When you find a book and you don’t know what the “just right” level is . . . turn to Book Wizard logo

Finding Leveled Books – Scholastic

Guided Reading Level is what teachers and students use in school.  It goes from Levels A – Z!  Take a look to see the Grade Level Equivalent for when you go to the library; many of the local librarians are familiar with the Guided Reading levels – if they do not know off hand, they can always find out!

Finding Leveled Books – Booksource

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