On Wednesday, May 31, students from all grade levels were inducted into the Tappan Zee High School Math Honor Society’s chapter of Mu Alpha Theta, the United States mathematics honor society for high school and two year college students. Among the keynote speakers were President David Lustig and Vice President Olivia Sullivan, along with alumni Emily Costello who was home visiting after her first successful year at Cornell University.

The ceremony included speeches by David, Olivia, and Emily who all focused on a commitment to prioritizing community service and to using math to help solve complex problems in the world. Senior, David Lustig spoke about how members continue to spread a love for the subject of math, particularly through providing support for other students who may struggle during the Peer-Tutoring Program that takes place in Learning Centers. Olivia Sullivan said, “Without your excitement for taking math and applying it outside of the classroom, many of the events we take pride in here at Mu would be impossible. Our senior members take the time to create an awesome game following each of our meetings, with all of you, and your interests, in mind. The creativity and excitement surrounding these games never fails to astound us!”

TZHS Math Honor Society membership is contingent upon maintaining at least an 90 average for three consecutive years or a 95 average for two consecutive years in math, completing community service hours and a project regarding a specific math concept. A special thank you to Seth Resnikoff and Jeanne Corcoran, our honor society advisors. Congratulations to our members and new inductees!