Happy Global Read Aloud! What’s Your Name – Where Did It Come From?

Global Read Aloud is celebrated starting October 5th and the book chosen this year is Alma and How She Got Her Name by Juana Martinez-Neal! As the theme of the month of October is Communities are Inclusive – we know that everyone has a story! 

In this beautiful book, Alma finds out the true story of where her name comes from.  Juana Martinez-Neal is from Peru, which is in South America – click on the map to find out more where she Juana Martinez-Neal comes from.  Please check out any of the books below to hear other stories about characters and their name.  Click on the other items around the virtual classroom to explore something else – design a name tag, show on the mood meter how Alma is feeling throughout the story, or do a word search! 

Be interested in hearing other people’s stories… Ask someone what their name is… Maybe how they got their name… Maybe who else has their name… Maybe who has made them feel special about their name…  I invite you to Tell your story on Flipgrid https://flipgrid.com/cddad44a      Be Kind and Be You!!  

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