Musical Invention

Today, you will be working with your group to start designing your final Makey Makey project.  Follow the steps below to complete your work.

  1. Look at the musical instruments in the sounds section of Scratch. Decide on what musical instrument you would like to  control with your Makey Makey.
  2. Decide on the song you would like to play on your musical instrument. Remember, it can be any 5 note song that you can find the music for or you can compose your own!
  3. Use your graphic organizer to design your project. Pick a recorder to draw the group’s ideas. Draw a picture of the items you want to connect to your Makey Makey. It is ok to change your mind as you think. Remember that you can draw pictures on papers and use different objects with paper to make new inventions.
  4. Share your ideas with your group, then come up with a final plan.  You can divide up the jobs so there are inventors and programmers or you can work on all the parts together. Remember, your final project will have a musical instrument that you can play using your Makey Makey invention and a music video that you have programmed in scratch!
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