3D Printing

Have to brush your hair and can’t find a comb? No problem. Need smartphone case, but can’t get to the store? No worries! Using today’s technology you now can just print what you need using a 3D printer! Around the world people are 3D printing everything from every day objects to more complex things like aircraft parts and even cars!

To 3D print an object you must first design it using computer aided design (CAD). You build layers and layers of your object, starting at the bottom and working your way to the top. Think about when you played with Legos. If you wanted to build a house you started at the bottom then added rows of Legos until you completed the roof. 3D printing is similar.

To get started with 3D printing the best thing to do is explore! Go to tinkercad.com and sign in. Your user id and password are on the card on your computer. Start with the lesson learning the moves. Remember, even though you have never done this before you CAN figure it out. Have fun Inventors!

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