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Inventing with Makey Makey

Usually, inventors are normal people like you and me but they have a powerful drive to work hard at something they love. Inventors have a passion for learning, creating and experimenting with new ideas. They understand that hard work is the key to success. Being a successful inventor is not about being smart, it is about perseverance and hard work.

I want you to silently think about a time when you showed hard work and perseverance in your life. Turn and talk. Volunteers can share with the class.

edisonSomething else people don’t always realize is that inventors usually don’t work alone. Inventors rely on the people around them to support their ideas and help them improve their designs. Sometimes we think of inventors as a one-person show, but that isn’t how most people are effective. For example, Thomas Edison had a team of over 30 people working with him when he was working on the light bulb! It is important to be able to work.

Thomas Edison Video

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