Powerful Learning Year

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Today’s Questions:

1) What types of school activities do you feel will best prepare you for your future?

2)  What can you and your classmates do to help create an effective classroom with a focus on learning?

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  1. 1. I think the environment is quickly changing and in order for us to have a world that is livable, we all have to make changes in our habits to ensure the Earth is in good shape for the Earth’s citizens now and for future generations. So, I think we all need to learn how take care of Earth.

    2. We can follow directions the first time they are given.

    • I also think that taking care of the world is important. I think this because if you litter the earth it stays there until you or someone else picks it up. And nobody does it stays there and if everyone does that than we have a garbage filled earth that we are forced to live on. And if kids are not taught about the enviorment then they will literr than more and more people will catch on

      • until the world is just a lump of garbage.

        2: I also agree that people so listen the first time so everyone has a smooth fun day.

      • i also agree with that but i think that some people don’t know the worth of a dollar for an example, millenials. They buy stuff they don’t use or wear and instead of giving it to a homeless person or donate it to a store to get more money they throw it in the trash or just throw it in the ocean and a polar bear eats it and dies. People do the same things with anything plastic or metal. If people are having a soda in the ocean which is already not good for any animal to have in there system and leave the can with soda in the ocean cause the straw can be eaten or get stuck in a turtles nose. When i went boating last summer i saw lots of dead fish on the surface,straws,cans etc. So if you are at the beach and pick up trash it will do a lot to the enviorment even though it is one tiny thing cause if you don’t pick it up chances are nobody will cause someone had to of seen it before and did not care. the world is really changing because of this.

        • What a thoughtful response, Ben. Yes, people can make careless acts that affect the safety and lives of animals and other people. How can we educate those who are the most careless in a way that will inspire them to make changes and not get angry and continue harmful behaviors?

      • I agree 100%, John. We need to educate our young people so they can develop habits of caring for the Earth that they can practice throughout life. Also, they can educate older citizens.

  2. 1: I think that math is very important to anyone because, If you think about it everything around you is math. Even the computer you are typing is math. If you think about it for a computer to work it needs to do the math to calculate what you just typed in and find the results as fast as it can. Also math can get you far. A hole lot of jobs require math to be done in the the process of that job. This is why I think math is important.

    2: Keeping quiet during lessons so you could hear, and understand everything you are doing. Also ask questions a lot of people try to hide that they don’t know what they are doing. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

    • I agree about math. Math can bring you very far. Many jobs require math, ex; An astronaut, an astronaut uses math to make mathematical calculations on how the spacecraft leaves the Earths atmosphere, on how to steer the spacecraft and on the safety of speed and distance.

    • Love your ideas! Many students need a quiet environment to think and produce their best work. Also, the people who ask questions are the ones who will gain the most. In addition, they help other students understand concepts better.

  3. 1. I think that communication skills are very important because during your career, you will work with different people with diverse backgrounds and nationalities. Having communication skills will help with being understood and explaining well. Overall communication skills are very helpful.
    2. A very important thing for in school and out of school is to listen to everybodys opinion, follow all directions, listen and be kind.

    • I agree that communication is key to success. Learning communication skills will definitely be very helpful because everyone is different and even in class with working in small groups everyone brings different ideas to the table.

    • YES!!!!!! Communication skills are extremely important! So many problems could be avoided by communicating clearly. And, I love that you mentioned listening to EVERYONE’s opinion. You never know what suggestion/solution might pop out. We all have had different experiences in life that affect out perspectives and thoughts.

  4. 1: I think that practising more math strategies because I know that I struggle with math. One way we could help are class get better at math is maybe stop and think also make posters and sings to help us remember.

    2: I think that getting new chairs or little spots in the classroom will help people focus In my old classroom we used to have chairs in the middle of the room or instead of having more chairs. Get a tiny space for a tiny table for if students want to work alone they have a choice. I think this will make a better work environment to stay focused I hoped you liked my note and consider my option please.

  5. 1. We should stop littering so we are saving animals. Littering does not help any animal so we should stop littering and help the environment.

    2. We should listen to what the teacher says so we can save time and learn more and save time.

    • 1. I think saving the animals is important also because if one animal goes extinct, the rest of the food chain is in trouble. Say a prey animal goes extinct that might cause a predator to lose it’s food.

      2. I also think listening to the teacher is important so you don’t need to ask for directions.

    • Ethan,
      We will learn about endangered animals this year and how actions we humans make are affecting them. And, as John mentioned, animals and humans are all part of the Earth’s ecosystem which can rely on a delicate balance.

  6. 1. I believe that learning to write effectively will be very helpful later on or even now. I would like to be a sports broadcaster and gathering information, hooking readers in, writing clearly and concisely, and especially creatively will be very helpful.

    2. Using time effectively and putting effort and hard work into everything you do will make us soar through the curriculum.

    • I agree with Stella because you will have to write without your whole life no matter what you do. Writing effectively is very helpful.

    • Stella,
      Yes, we need to know how to express ourselves clearly and how to meet the criteria of our purpose for writing – in your case, hooking listeners.

  7. 1. I also agree that math would help prepare us for the future. I also think that reading and science will help prepare us. For instance, I want to be a vet and that includes ALOT of science and math. And you have to read tons in collage to get into any job.
    2. I think everyone needs to put there differences aside and work together and hard to create an effective classroom.

    • Reply to 1. I go along with with the fact that math, reading, and science will help us in the future. As noted in my response to number 1, science helps us study the world around us. Math can be organized into graphs, charts, and numbers, which you definitely need to become a medical specialist, or any job really. Learning about graphs and charts early, will help prepare us for the future! Reading in the case of a medical specialist, could help you comprehend the patients chart. I side with you when you say that reading, math, and science, will prepare us for the future.

    • A Nony Moose,

      YES!!!!!! Putting differences aside or accepting others for their differences will make a big difference in our classroom and in the world.

  8. 1. I think that reading is key because you need to have information for medical work and every other job out there. For example, if you have no information on controlling the new NASA space shuttle, it will most likely come falling down and explode, killing hundreds of people.

    2. I also think that if we didn’t interrupt people and listened the first time, then everyone will be learning the way they should.

    • Yes! We need to be able to read well and hunt for sources that are trustworthy so we can really get the information we need to succeed.

  9. 1. I think more hands on activities will help me more and be more fun. When you have fun when you learn you will want to learn more.

    2. I think we should be quiet while we work so we could be very efficient while we work.

    • 1. I agree that we need more hands on work to try and get ourselves more entertained with the things we do in class to get us to want to do more work.

      2. I also agree that we should be quiet while we work to minimize distractions in class.You can also hear the teacher better and work faster when you are quiet.

    • I agree that hands-on activities would be interesting because we would be able to interact with the lesson and learn more. Being quiet while we work is also a great idea because others cannot focus when people are talking.

      -This is also Lauren-

  10. 1. I think science is essential because you need to experiment and experience the world around you. You can’t survive without knowing what’s good for you and what’s not.

    2. When lessons are going on there should have no interruptions such as no restroom breaks and water breaks, so kids don’t forget what they learned.

  11. 1. I think that Science will prepare us most for the future. I think this because everything around us is science! Example: if you were an astronomer and it was your job to study why the earth is rotating at the exact way it is, so that the moon keeps up with us, and we see different stars depending on the season, you would look to science!

  12. 2. I think by being quiet, listening to directions the first time they are asked, and having a calm demeanor, my classmates and I can create an effective classroom focused on learning.

    • Katelyn,

      You carefully read several replies from your peers and took the time to respond to them. I appreciate your effort and your thinking.

  13. 1. I think that we should learn about animals and other living things in science because they are all around us and we need to know about them. Plants, animals, and life around us are very important to know about so that we are able to treat them with respect. Learning about animals could also help us choose our new class pet.

    2. I think we should have a time of the day, just 10 minutes, where anyone can go to the bathroom and not miss any work.

    -PS the name thing wasnt working but this is Lauren-

  14. 1. The type of activities witch will help prepare for the future is to work in groups to help us with teamwork and social skills. i know that a lot of jobs require you to work with other people to get something done.

    2.To make your classroom a learning environment we need to be quiet when the teacher says to and go to the rug when we are asked.

    3.I think that Daniel is right and we need to minimize distractions in class. Also we need to be very quiet.

  15. 1. I think that science is very important. I think this because people should know the science behind things and how they work. There is science all around us. Science can really help you in everyday life and in the future. As you can see science is very important.

    2. We should listen and be quiet when the teacher asks.

    • I agree, Earth is a very important place, so instead of sitting around we should learn about it and help protect it. Learning about science can be helpful to the present and future.

  16. 1.I believe that Physical Education is important because you are learning how to be a team player, how to stay healthy and have fun.

    2.I believe that by listening to directions the first time and treating others with respect will make our classroom fun learning space.

    • I agree with Chloe. I agree with Chloe because Physical Education teaches us to work as a team and to work independently. It also keps us healthy and strong.

  17. 1. I think that reading is important. I think that reading is important because many jobs require reading. For example: teachers, librarians, computer programmers and every other job.

    2. We can respect each other and their things as well.

  18. 1. I think that we should stop using smoke stacks for energy and start using solar panels, I think this because smoke makes then environment bad for animals to live, and solar panels don’t produce smoke, only takes the heat of the sun.

    2. I think we should listen to our teaches when they talk the first time or els we will not know what to do and be confused.

  19. 1.I believe that Art will help us prepare for the future because we are building our creativity skill and learning how to work with our mistakes.

    2.Be kind, support others beliefs and ideas and Make sure to not leave people out of activities.

  20. 1. I think that doing experiments,projects and problem solving will help prepare me for the future. These activities help me think outside the box. They will help me focus more. They are also more fun.

    2.You should always help classmates in need. Listen to others ideas. Even when you disagree you should always be respectful. Always try your best.

    • Joe,

      Thumbs up to disagree respectfully! This is not easy to do but certainly needed in our world today, and this is something to strive for in our classroom.

  21. 1.I believe that math is very important because you can use it in a lot of ways when you grow up like seeing how much your going to pay at the supermarket or seeing how much a bill is going to cost.

    2.I think for a effective clasroom with a focus for learning we should respect the rules the teacher and the assignment she gives us.

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