The hydrosphere refers to the water on, over and under the surface of the Earth. hydrosphere2





What you can do to conserve water

How to make a mini book

Margie Turrin’s Anatarctica Project – Thwaites Glacier

Kids Hydrosphere Site – USGS

NOAA Videos of Concerns for Oceans Today

*NASA – Climatekids.gov – Students can do their own research.

Show Me the Water – NASA – Amount of Usable and Accessible Fresh Water 

THydrosphere – Difficult to understand dialect but very informative

TCrash Course #2 Hydrosphere and Atmosphere

TBill Nye the Science Guy – Water Cycle

TWhat If All the Ice Melted on Earth – Bill Nye

THydrosphere – NASA

TEarth’s Water Teacher Guide – How much water on Earth is fresh?

Hydrosphere – Geography 4 Kids

Hydrosphere – National Geographic Education

Hydrosphere – KidsGeo.com

Windows to the Universe

Encyclopedia Britannica

The Water Cycle – National Geographic

Ways to Conserve Water at Home

The Water Cycle (NSF – National Science Foundation and NBC)


The Water Cycle – NSF

Crash Course – The Basics of Fresh Water 14.1 (percentages of salt vs. fresh water)

Crash Course – Dinosaur Pee – Water Cycle is /Closed System/Limited Resource #24.2

Crash Course – H2O – No! Fresh Water Problems 33.1

Crash Course – A Fresh Future 33.2 Elwha River Problem and Solution

Crash Course – Water Fight 36.1

Crash Course – Water Fix 36.2 (How people have solved water problems.)

Crash Course – Water Water Everywhere 14.2 (Animals that survive with limited fres water with adaptations)

Crash Course – The Life Hydrologic #30.2 – How the Hydrosphere affects the Biosphere

Rain Shadow Effect 4 mins. 26 sec.

Ice Reflectiivity HBO (stop at 7:30 mins.) – Dark Melt Quicker

Water Cycle Over One Day

Global Precipitation Modeling Applications for Predicting Droughts and Floods

Global Precipitation Modeling – Using Satellite Data

Learn about Planet Earth – Hydrosphere (very brief – %, unique to our planet, states of water found on Earth)

National Geographic Education – Slide Show

Water Cycle – Brain Pop

Erosion – Bill Nye the Science Guy (23 mins. School Tube)

TErosion (5 min video) – Bill Nye the Science Guy

TDinosaur Pee – Crash Course

THydrosphere/Atmosphere – Crash Course – Four Spheres Part 2



Hydrosphere Game

EiE Unit – Cleaning the Oil Spill

1)  Life Cycle of Salmon video

7)  Oil Transported on Hudson?

Wikipedia – Boom for Oil Containment

NOAA Oil Spill Containment

2)  *How Boom Works to Contain Oil Spill Video

4)  *Cleaning Oil Spill

NOAA – How do oil spills at sea get cleaned?

3)  *How to clean an oil spill – 9th grader’s presentation

6)  *How long do the effects of oil spills last?

5)  Kevin Costner’s Oil Filtration Pump

Oil spill solution using fabricated material in connection with bacteria to break down oil

TRain Shadow Effect

Rain Shadow Effect in Sierra Nevadas



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