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Whether soaring on a broomstick over Hogwarts, sneaking into a secret garden or jostling on a camel on an expedition to the Sahara Desert, reading opens up so many worlds. As a fifth grader in New York state you are required to read 25 books throughout the course of the year.¬† You will use this blog page to keep track of the books you are reading and share opinions with your classmates. Feel free to ask your classmates for suggestions or let others know what you are reading so you can talk about it. Complete the Book Summary Form when¬†finish a book. Simply click on this link and complete the form. Don’t forget to write the title on your monthly book list on the index card in your homework organizer and to continue to log your daily reading on your home weekly reading log. Happy Reading!

Book Summary Form

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  1. If we have a reading period everyday we could practice our goals that we have set for the year. Once we have accomplished our goals we can make new ones.


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