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Education Week – link to articles about Year-Long schools

Should schools be in session all year round?

The Pros and Cons of Year-Round School.” From Scholastic.

Research Spotlight on Year-Round Education. From the NEA.

Year-Round School. From Family Education.

Districts Weigh Pros and Cons of Year-round Schools. From the NEA.

Year-Round Schooling: How it Affects Students. From Education Week.

Could Students Benefit from Year-Round School? From PBS.(video)

Interview on Pros and Cons of Year-Round School.Channel 7 News. (video).

 “Why Students May Benefit from a Year-Round Calendar.” PBS. (video).





Chocolate Milk Debate

Links to Videos

Summary of Nutrition in Disguise from the Midwest Dairy Association

ABC News Report on the Debate

Flavored Milk Tasty Nutrition

Sugar Overload


Links to More Information on the Debate

Schools May Ban Milk Over Added Sugar

Time Magazine article on the debate

Flavored Milk Advertorial

More Nutritional Information About Chocolate Milk

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