Let’s take a VOTE: Who will be the PRESIDENT of the Jungle?

What do you think is the most important part about being a good citizen? Being kind and helpful? Working WITH people? At William O Schaefer, we show good citizenship through our the plan shown in our Classroom Charters! On the computer, we show show digital citizenship by making good choices with our words, our searches, and our clicks.

A very important part about being a citizen in our country is voting. Voting is what happens on Election Day, which is the first Tuesday of November – people can vote for a new person in charge of your town, a new person who makes decisions in your state, or a new president who makes decisions for the country. Let’s do our own vote – Who will be the PRESIDENT of the Jungle?  You can vote using this Google Form: https://forms.gle/KEhVG2P4xrNGq2F97


Take a look at our lesson about being a Good Citizen in all places!

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