First Grade

In October, we show how Communities are Inclusive!

October is the time we focus on feeling “INCLUSIVE“.     What does INCLUSIVE mean?  INCLUSIVE means to be including of others!! Ways to show being INCLUSIVE: Always remember to BE yourself and to appreciate others for who they are!! Include everyone – maybe make a new friend or ask someone new to play with you!! […]

Peace & Parr: Be Who You Are!

This week we started with International Peace Day on September 21st!!  We are discussing ways to bring our minds, our bodies, and our breath back to a peaceful state.  “I am at peace when I am reading” said a student from Ms. Sommers’s class – and a lot of us feel this way, especially Ms. […]

It’s Dot Week!!

This week we will be exploring how DOTS are a part of our world!  From Braille to Morse Code, to Lite-Brite – there are so many ways that we can be creative using dots!  Thanks to Peter H. Reynolds – he has written books celebrating creativity and we have enjoyed all of the Creatrilogy!  We […]

Welcome Back to the WOS Library!!

September 8, 2020: Welcome Back to the Library! Click on an image – it will take you on an adventure or lead you to a place to listen to a read aloud! Find the little yellow speaker and you can hear Ms. Zatarga telling you about all of the fun places to go in this […]

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