In October, we show how Communities are Inclusive!

October is the time we focus on feeling “INCLUSIVE“.     What does INCLUSIVE mean?  INCLUSIVE means to be including of others!! Ways to show being INCLUSIVE: Always remember to BE yourself and to appreciate others for who they are!! Include everyone – maybe make a new friend or ask someone new to play with you!! […]

Peace & Parr: Be Who You Are!

This week we started with International Peace Day on September 21st!!  We are discussing ways to bring our minds, our bodies, and our breath back to a peaceful state.  “I am at peace when I am reading” said a student from Ms. Sommers’s class – and a lot of us feel this way, especially Ms. […]

Welcome Back to the WOS Library!!

September 8, 2020: Welcome Back to the Library! Click on an image – it will take you on an adventure or lead you to a place to listen to a read aloud! Find the little yellow speaker and you can hear Ms. Zatarga telling you about all of the fun places to go in this […]

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