Read Across America = A Celebration of Cultures!

Read Across America is celebrated today, March 2! Schools celebrate this holiday to acknowledge Dr. Seuss, a childhood favorite! So instead of reading our familiar favorites that we love – let’s try something different, we are going to celebrate diversity, all of our cultures and lifestyles, in America!!

This map was made by @TheBookWrangler – and almost every single state has a different link connected to it; each link will lead you to a different book (read aloud, YouTube video, an article that is from that state in the USA).

After exploring a few of the links, let’s read Hidden Figures, which is a story about four black women who were mathematicians/computers/engineers behind the scenes of the First Man being able to land on the Moon (Neil Armstrong).

These four black women were alive at the same time as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., so they were not allowed to work with white engineers, but this story shows how each woman persistence to make a difference in the world! And they achieved their goal, and worked for NASA!  Katherine Johnson recently passed away on February 24, 2020 – she was 101 years old!!! That is amazing!

If this isn’t a way to celebrate how amazing our country is . . . whew!

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