This code is to be used from now on for Mr. Krump’s Google Classroom 7776pt4.

Please go to the CLE page of the website here and watch the How To video that Mr. Eckert created about google classroom.

Fourth Grade challenges for Unit 1 Number Patterns and Arrays:


June challenges: go to this site, for today, Thursday 6/6 do “Baffling Bath Water”

May into June 2019 multiplying and dividing decimals Use these websites to study and practice for the upcoming tests:

Math challenge: use these websites to learn Egyptian and Russian Peasant multiplication methods and come up with a presentation to teach to your classmates.

Today in Math: Go to this website. Click on “Math in video games” and take the challenge:

Monday 4/30/18

  1. Plotting points on the Coordinate Plane:
  2. Shapes on the coordinate plane:

Monday 1/29/18

Answers: 1. c    2. T, F, T, T     3. B     4. A     5. C

Pearson Realize: (this is the site for our math program)

Order of Operations Game:

St. Jude’s Math-a-thon Celebration:

Station A: Tangrams Online:

Station B: Do as many pages in your fifth grade, Math-a-thon fun-book as you can. Check answers after completing each page.

Station C: Decimal Game online:

Station D: Sixth and Seventh Grade funbook challenges

April challenge: Go to this website. Watch the video at the top of the home page, then click on “Math in video games” Watch that video and take the challenge:

Friday, 3/18/16 Today’s link:

PEMDAS link (remember it might be PEDMAS OR PEDMSA depending on which comes first from left to right:

Tommy Teaches Multiplying Decimals by Powers of Ten (Terrific!):

Math videos. Tuesday 4/23 I want you to go all the way through the video on Volume

Test prep practice with problem solving scenarios: (click on Test Quest)

Can you receive a perfect score on an online 6th grade test? Try this, and, if at first you don’t succeed…try again! 6th Grade Test



Math Videos that teach on a variety of math topics: Math Playground Videos

Circle Zero

Snail Racing

World Swimming

For review including help with topics that may be on the NYS Math test next week:

Test Prep Review – Decimals

Test Prep, Problem Solving, Brain Teasers by Houghton Mifflin
Coordinate Plane Video


Do you like… MUSIC, FASHION, VIDEO GAMES, FOOD, BASKETBALL and/or SPECIAL EFFECT? Well you better know your math! Get the Math is about algebra in the real world. See how professionals use math in music, fashion, videogames, restaurants, basketball, and special effects. Then take on interactive challenges related to those careers. Watch this intro video before trying one of the challenges. Go to GET THE MATH for any or all of the challenges in real life.



Geometery PBL

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