Wordmasters List 1 Blue Division

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The challenge is coming soon. On Friday, December 15th we will be faced with 20 analogies to solve. They are very challenging analogies. Use the two links below to prepare. Another way to prepare is to try to make as many analogies using the word master words as you can. Use two word master words in each analogy. Have someone (including me) check your analogies to see if they make sense.

Here is a new site to try out. Click on the link below. Watch the film. Play the analogy games (under the video).


continue to review with these sites:



5th Grade

Welcome to room 409, Mr. Krump’s class! How are you feeling about fifth grade so far? Pick a word or two or come up with your own. Explain why you feel this way.

Overwhelmed, Confident, Excited, Ansy, Anxious, Bored, Ready

Example: I’m excited! I love to teach. Do you love to learn? It’s so incredible to be a teacher and have a new group of young people to work with every year. Every year is different. I love it!