Soc. Studies

This code is to be used from now on for Mr. Krump’s Google Classroom 7776pt4.

Please go to the CLE page of the website here and watch the How To video that Mr. Eckert created about google classroom.

Social Studies this week (starting 3/9)

Vocabulary for book Hudson – Exploring the World link:



Try this quiz:

Today in Social Studies Wednesday 10/16

Today in Social Studies Tuesday 10/15/19 

Go to this link and read about the Iroquois Native American Tribe. DO NOT even dare to start the quiz below until you have read the whole page and taken the 10 question quiz at the bottom of that website page.

THEN do the quiz below

Finally, you can go on sporcle us states. If you have mastered that try this challenge:

If you are having trouble seeing the quiz below, use this link instead.

Fourth Grade Social Studies today, Tuesday, September 24th, 2019



Use this website to answer the questions on this quiz:

Read/study the site and answer the questions on a google doc:

American Historama site:

Quizlet link for test on Friday:

Newsela join

Ms. O’Brien’s class link:

Mr Krump’s class link:

Haiti link:

This week in Social Studies:

Why do countries declare independence from other countries?

Learning about the Declaration of Independence:

Click on the link. Read all of it. Click on the 10 question quiz.

Show Mr. Krump your 90 or 100 score


KID FRIENDLY DICTIONARY  click on the link below

This week in Social Studies: use this ducksters link:

Link for NYC Manhattan Landmarks:

Sporcle Link:

Today, Wednesday, 6/6/18, in social studies follow the instructions and answer the questions:

Today in Social Studies: Click on the link below and use the website to answer the questions. Then go to and countries of north America and then countries of south America trivia games.

TEST on Thursday in Social Studies

Use this link to study and your timeline:

Westward Expansion:

Declaration Quiz based on book from Trueflix:

Making a timeline of events around the Declaration of Independence. Use this link: 

Government: Types of Government Test – study on quizlet AND the notes Use this link:

Today, Wednesday 10/24 in Social Studies

Today, Friday 10/20 in Social Studies

Read through The Inuit Thought of It. Make 10 questions for classmates to answer on a google form

Today in  Social Studies

Stations: you will be rotating through three stations today. Tables 1 and 2 will go to station 1. Tables 3 and 4 to station 2. Tables 5 and 6 will go to station 3

  1. Use the quizlet link below. Do learn, games and test. Try to get 90 – 100 on the test. Use a chromebook 

2. Read pages 146 to 156 in the Social Studies Textbook. Make one question per section for your classmates to answer. Write it on loose-leaf paper and put it in the bin.

3. Compare maps and answer the questions on the bulletin board in the hallway.


Today in Social Studies Friday, 9/15/17

Try these sporcle geography quizzes. You can’t do the second one until you can name 25 states on the first one:





Best Test!

Today in Social Studies:

  1. Go to this link

2. Answer the questions below. 3. Make a new document with 8 – 10 questions on google docs (5 of them have to be multiple choice with four choices)  4. Share the document with me.


The Louisiana Purchase and Louis and Clark


The Louisiana Purchase in a nutshell

Louis and Clark Rap:

Study for quiz on Friday use the QUIZLET link below.

QUIZLET review of Articles of Confederation to Constitution

Today in Social Studies (first week of April)

Do flash cards, learn, games, test

Today in Social Studies – Thursday, March 9th:

Click on this link and read about the Constitution. As you read answer the questions below on the mini-review (open two tabs).


March in Social Studies:  Shay’s Rebellion Video Segments

Shmoop Version of Shay’s Rebellion

This week in Social Studies:

Read about three different country’s independence movements. Take each quiz below the website links. Click on the link and scroll down on this page for the quiz for each station.



Here are links