The purpose of a summer reading program is to encourage reading! Studies have shown that the best way to improve academic performance is to read! Read magazines, read the back of the cereal box, read your favorite blog…but READ! Of course, there is nothing better on a summer day than relaxing on the beach or in your favorite reading spot with a good book. Whether reading or listening to a book you gain the same satisfaction and benefits! Just be sure to do it! 

As in previous years, the high school provides links to a wide variety of reading lists that address specific reading interests or needs, or that we think are just great lists. Summer reading requires students to read any two books. In the fall, an in-class writing assignment will be required of all students about the two books they read over the summer. Students should remember to write down at least the author and title for a minimum of two books.

Please follow links below to REQUIRED reading for: 

Join in the fun of Summer Reading! Find your local “Mighty Five Library” website and  connect with the available teen programs with the links provided below.

This year the English Honor Society collected a list of book recommendations from a diverse group of students, faculty, and staff @TZHS! The following slide show is a list of suggested reads!

Additional Suggestions for Summer Reading Resources and Ideas:

YALSA honors the best teen literature each year with its six literary awards, announced each year at the ALA Midwinter Meeting.

Don’t forget about Sora! Use your district login,, to access our collection as well as the collection of the #MightFiveLibraries



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