Welcome to our new class!!!

We are off to a great start.  Looking forward to meeting all our new families at the virtual Meet the Teacher Night.

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Please see Google Classroom for all updated information.

Always check the STREAM for announcements!!!

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Hello from home!!!!  We hope all our students are keeping up with their reading 20 minutes each day and Dreambox for 10 minutes per day, just as with any other weekend or vacation. Have your parents check out all the free educational resources on line. One resource you might enjoy is RAZ Kids – hit the icon on the right hand side of our blog. Your accounts are now free and activated. Click on your name, then put in your regular password without the dash. Enjoy! We are reading lots of books, too, and can’t wait to discuss them with you. 

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March’s Theme of the Month:

Communities Have Leadership

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School Scattergories

Scattergories/Scattergories Junior is a fun trivia game that you can play solo or with friends and family. This game keeps the brain active and engaged, while increasing your fluency, flexibility and originality. There are several full versions of the game that are available online or through apps.  Today we will play in school with the following rules.

Objective: As quickly as possible, fill out a category list with answers that begin with the same letter that is chosen for that round.

How to Score Points:

1 point = a word that does not start with that round’s letter
2 points = a word that start’s with that round’s letter
4 points = double letters that start with that round’s letter (ex: bubble bath)
5 points = a word that no one else has

Roll the online diceScattergories Dice

Challenge: Play online Swellgarfo Scattergories List

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Smart Mouth

It’s race to make the best word in 60 seconds! Students slide the “Letter Getter” to reveal two letter tiles. The first letter must start the word and the next letter must be the last letter of the word. The player who calls out the first word that meets the criteria wins the tiles. Once all tiles are gone, the player with the most tiles wins the title of “Smart Mouth.”

You can have fun anywhere any time using this online letter generator tool – Random Letter Sequence.

Make your own rules:
1. Play different word lengths.
2. Play categories.
3. Play teams.
4. Try in a different language…yikes!
Have fun stretching your vocabulary!

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Happy New Year to all our families!!!

Everyone loves a snow day! Let’s plan a game and get those creative juices going! Mrs. McBride is offering an opportunity to put your skills to work. Games are due Tuesday, January 21st. Find out more details for this month’s challenge here – The Snow Day Game Challenge.

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Black Friday… Cyber Monday…Sales! Sales! Sales! Everyone is out looking for great deals on holiday presents. Don’t fall into this shopping craze. Use some imagination and creativity with Mrs. McBride’s monthly challenge, The Holiday Challenge. All entries are due Tuesday, December 17th.

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Iroquois Reading – Read (or listen) then answer quiz

Ducksters Educational Site

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You Matter!

Dr. Maya Angelou wrote about this book, “The reader is shown that it is a blessing to be a blessing.” When you want to help others, you may never know or see the people that benefit.

Let’s let others know they matter too. We will create origami hearts with the words “YOU MATTER” inside. Leave it in a place for someone to find, and they will discover that you are grateful for him/her.

Heart Origami Challenge

If you have not entered the Origami Challenge, this video might encourage you to start – Engineering with Origami.

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