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November 11th is National Origami Day. The folded paper crane is an international symbol of peace. However, there’s a lot more to origami than simple birds. Origami Day is all about promoting the art of paper folding and showcasing incredible creations. This month’s challenge is to make an origami creation and give it to someone you are grateful for.

Do you need an idea? Do you need to learn how to fold?  Try these links!

Here is the Challenge:

  1. Find an animal origami you would like to create.
  2. Please do not do a paper crane. Challenge yourself and try a different animal.
  3. Follow directions and carefully fold your paper.
  4. Find three interesting facts about this animal.
  5. Complete the Origami Entry Form.
  6. All entries are due by Tuesday, November 19th.

If you still aren’t sure if you should participate in this challenge, you MUST watch this video.  You will be amazed and excited about Engineering with Origami.