Cipher Disc

cipherdiskCodes have been around for a very long time. Throughout history, world events have changed because of secret messages. Sometimes, however, it is important that only a few people understand the message. In the world of cryptology, codes are used to make messages secret by changing the words into something else. In order for your friends to understand the coded message, they need the key!

Next, you will learn about different codes, how to make codes, and what to look for when trying to break a code. Let’s start with the Polyalphabetic Substitution Ciphers and more Top Spy Secrets.


Try these online secret messages:


Magic Traingle

Today you will use logic, task cards and plastic chips with numbers. Follow the instructions on each task card. Move the plastic chips to solve the problem. There is no need for erasing because if you make a mistake…just move the chips. When you find success, record your answer on your sheet. Good luck and have fun!

Challenge: Try this game online, Magic Triangles. Here you solve puzzles by arranging numbers on a diagram so that they add up to a given value. Use perseverance to solve these logic puzzles!

Let’s Animate

Last week, you created a mini-book using a hole for inspiration.  This week, the hole will inspire us to create an animation. You might recall How to Make a Quick and Easy Flipbook from last year. This year we will use technology to help us!


The Hole Story

“Hello, I’ve discovered a hole in my apartment… it moves around… yes… if you could come and look at it…bring it down to you, you say… how… hello!” The main character discovered a hole and tries to find an explanation. He seeks expert advice. But not everything can be explained. Perhaps he will just have to accept that it’s there!

There’s a hole in an animated movie. Watch to find out when Pencilmate falls into a hole. Will Pencilmiss be able to help him out?


  1. Let’s make our own “hole” story.  Today we will use minibooks to create a story with a hole.
  2.  Learn how to make a mini notebook for another story – Easy Mini Notebook from One Sheet of Paper.
  3. Play the logic game, Hook.

The Book with a Hole

the_book_with_a_hole_9999_large“The Book with a Hole blasts a hole through the middle of the book itself. Sometimes the hole is an eye the reader can look through; sometimes it is a mouth and the reader’s fingers make the teeth! The next minute it is a plate (with food drawn by the reader on a sheet of paper behind the book), an obstacle to jump across, or a saucepan. It’s crazy! It’s a Book with a Hole!” 

Challenge: Write another page(s) to Herve Tullet’s book.

Extra time?  Try this logic game, Hook.

A Hole

Challenge: Cut a hole large enough to fit your whole body through the piece of paper.




1. Use 8 1/2 X 11 and cut a hole big enough for your entire class.

2. Use a post-it.  Cut a hole for you to fit.

3. What adjustments will you make for an entire school to fit in a piece of paper?  Try it!