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Super Bowl LVIII will be played on Sunday, February 11, 2024 at Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada.

“The history of the NFL, as well as its collegiate counterpart, is intimately entwined with the 150-year history of the football itself. Evolving from a melon-shaped rugby ball to the angular, tech-infused prolate spheroid found soaring the skies of NFL fields and college stadiums today, the football is an indelible symbol of the sport. Since 1941, the sporting goods company Wilson has been the steward of the all-mighty pigskin, and this is what more than 80 years of football-making perfection looks like. From cutting tanned cowhide (yes, cow not pig), to turning, lacing, and molding the final product, Wilson creates every game ball for the NFL and NCAA right here at its Ada, Ohio factory.”

This championship game is not only famous for the game but also the performers and commercials.  Here is one of my favorite commercials by Google – “Every day, more than 100 billion words are translated with Google Translate. And every day, the ones that are translated most are the ones that bring us together.”

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