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What’s Your Dream?

Monday the 20th is Martin Luther King Day. Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed of a world more tolerant than the one he lived in. Martin Luther King, Jr., grew up in a place where people used words that made him feel bad. This beautifully illustrated, award-winning book...

Winter Sports

It’s winter-time, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck inside. Get out there and explore the frosty world of sports! Watch the play-by-play, solve the puzzles, and help this cold-weather athlete score big.  Can you breakout, Winter Sport EDU?

National Argyle Day 2020

January 8th is National Argyle day! Argyle is a knitting pattern shaped like diamonds. It is common on socks, vests, and sweaters, and was very popular in the early 20th century to wear while golfing. Argyle became fashionable in England and the U.S. after the World...

The Snow Day Game Challenge

We all love a snow day…..but it can get a bit boring staying home all day. Create a game that can be played at home on a snow day. It can be played inside or outside. You decide how the game is played. Be sure to include: Your name and your teacher’s name The name of...
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