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February 11th is Thomas Edison’s birthday. Edison’s four great inventions, phonograph, motion pictures, power industry/electric light bulb and the invention factory, forever changed the world. His work with electric vehicles and batteries over 100 years ago was inspirational in the re-emergence of electric/hybrid/alternative vehicles today. Creativity and perseverance are two words that will always describe this great inventor.

Even after many failed attempts with his light bulb design, Edison continued on knowing each failure brought him closer to success. Every day we face challenges and problems that we need to overcome.  Sometimes we triumph over them despite difficulties.  There are other times we just want to avoid or give up.  This is when we need to have persistence and determination if  we want to stand out or just succeed.

Select one of his famous quotes from the slideshow.  Explain why you picked it and how it will motivate you to persevere.