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October is right around the corner and that means pumpkins are everywhere!

Pumpkins here. Pumpkins there. Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere!
Big ones, fat ones. Round ones, flat ones.
Small ones, tall ones.
Orange ones, white ones. Green ones, blue ones.
Bumpy ones, smooth ones.
So many to choose from!

Let’s harvest them and bring them to school for some book character fun! Follow the directions below to participate in the October Pumpkin Character Challenge.

  1. Select a book you have read or want to read.
  2. Choose one character from the story to focus on.
  3. Create this character using a pumpkin. Please be sure the pumpkin is small enough to carry to school. You may decorate it, glue things on it, carve it, or paint it! Be Creative!
  4. You MUST complete the book report entry form.  Copies are by the main office or print this Pumpkin Character Entry Form.
  5. Please bring entries to school between October 17th and October 24th!