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English as a New Language

The South Orangetown Central School District is dedicated to serving English Language Learners (ELLs) in specialized programs that best suit their individual language needs. Through a combination of pull-out and push-in ELL classes and core content classes geared towards English Language Learners, we provide students with solid instruction that fosters both academic content and language development. We believe that our students and their families deserve equal access to all instructional programs and strive to offer supports and quality communication between school and home. It is our mission to support ELLs and their families in all areas and to strengthen the home-school connection in order to achieve our district goal of graduation and college readiness for all students.

During the fall of 2014, the Board of Regents amended Commissioner’s Regulation Part 154 – 1, and voted and passed addendums Part 154-2-3 to provide English Language Learners with a more comprehensive ELL program. Part of these regulations includes a mandate to provide students with both a pull-out and push-in model of instruction. Due to the staff increases in this department over the past few years, we are able to all of our English Language Learners with this model of instruction. This model has been fully implemented across all schools. Mandated needs will continue to drive the budget for these positions.

Our English Language Learners students made significant progress according to the most recent NYSESLAT assessment results as well as their overall academic performance. Students moved up levels within the ENL designations: Entering (Beginning), Emerging (Low Intermediate), Transitioning (Intermediate), Expanding (Advanced) and Commanding (Proficient).

Students are provided with instruction from an ENL/ESL teacher in a push-in and pull-out model. Students testing at the Commanding level receive push-in classroom support from an ENL/ESL teacher.

New York State Education Department Q&A

What is an English as a New Language program?
For grades kindergarten through twelve, a free-standing English as a second language program shall mean a program of instruction composed of two components: a language arts instructional component and a content area instructional component. In an ENL class, specific methodologies and instructional materials that allow students to learn English systematically and cumulatively are used. Instruction shall take into account the first language and the culture of the students.

What is meant by the Language Arts instructional component?
The language arts instructional component shall include English language arts instruction and English as a second language instruction. The language arts instructional component for the beginning and intermediate levels of English proficiency in grades 1-12 is ENL instruction. The learning standards for English language arts (ELA) and English as a New Language (ENL), and key ideas and performance indicators for such standards, shall serve as the basis for the ELA and ENL curricula, respectively.

What should ENL instruction include?
English as a New Language instruction shall be designed to develop skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing and communicating in English through the integration of academic content appropriate for the student’s age, grade level and English language skills. This instruction should be provided in substantially equal daily allotments of instructional time.

For how long must transitional services be provided under NCLB Title III?
Schools receiving federal funds under NCLB must monitor and provide transitional services to former Limited English Proficient (LEP)/ELL students for up to two years after they no longer meet the State’s definition for LEP.

For additional information, visit NYSED’s Bilingual Education page.


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