Nonfiction Thinglink

Many second grade students will be using Thinglink to share what they discovered during their nonfiction reading unit. Thinglink allows student work to come alive! Students will use images labeled for reuse as the background for their Thinglink and add interactive icons to reveal the nonfiction information learned. Once their Thinglink is complete, the experts, will share their work with kindergarten and first grade classes!

All nonfiction topics will be posted to the teacher’s blog and shared with kindergarten and first grade students.

  1. Students follow these steps to create your interactive poster!
  2. Click here to long into Thinglink with your class username and password.
  3. Find a picture labeled for reuse by clicking Photos for Class.
  4. Download the picture.
  5. Click “Create” and upload your picture labeled for reuse to Thinglink.
  6. Get to work creating your interactive poster by adding icons and facts!

Have Fun!

Look what Mrs. Neugebauer’s class did!

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