Courage means Daring Greatly in the Face of Fear

This week we will celebrate “Start with Hello” week, which is a week to remind us how important and powerful it is to get to know one another, make new friends, say “hi” to new people, and make people feel good if they are feeling sad or alone.  Every day you can do a special activity to remember to attempt to include others.  Whether on the school bus, in the playground or in class, it is important to make sure others feel included and welcome.

Sometimes to do this, you need courage.  Courage can mean a lot of things and people can act courageously in a lot of different situations.  Listen to Bernard Waber’s book, Courage.  Think about what courage means to you and how you too can act courageously in every day kind of ways.

Courage is also staring with “Hello!”  Let’s try to be courageous by getting to know new people and by helping others who might need a friend.

Mindset Over Matter

Your brain is like a muscle; it should be exercised. Brains can grow, and this takes effort. Watch these videos to learn more. What can you teach others about growing your brain? Post your thoughts on what you learn about developing a Growth Mindset.

Failure is essential to growth; so don’t be afraid to try!

Persistence pays off!

What thoughts do you have about mindsets and persistence?  Log in and click “comment” to share your thoughts.

A Book on Empathy

September Roses is another great book like 14 Cows for America.  Both demonstrate how others show empathy.  “On September 11, 2001, two sisters from South Africa are flying to New York City with 2,400 roses to be displayed at a flower show.  As their plane approaches the airport, a cloud of black smoke billows over the Manhattan skyline.  When they land, they learn of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.  All flights are canceled; the sisters cannot go home, and they are stranded with boxes and boxes of roses.”

What can you do to show empathy today, this month, this school year?

Welcome to our New Fourth Grade Learning Community

This year our Character Education theme is “Communities form Connections.”  Through building relationships, we can build a better school, community and world.  Each month we will highlight a character trait and use a book read aloud to reinforce this trait.

September’s focus is Communities Show Empathy.  Wilson Kimeli Naiyomah wrote 14 Cows for America One inscription reads, “To all the little children who read this book:  You are the peace the world has been waiting for.  May you grow to be compassionate diplomats.”  You have the ability to make the world and our school a better place.

What can you do this year to heal a sorrowing heart?  How will you show empathy?

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