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In October 2022, SO BOTZ team members attended a meeting with members of Kiwimbi Global and school officials from Amagaro, Kenya. After two meetings, we collaboratively came up with the idea of developing a robotics program in their area. Our team began this project by sending Scratch Workbooks and VEX IQ Robots to the Kiwimbi Library and Community Center. Students in Amagaro were on their long break when the collaboration began, so students who were local utilized the materials sent when they visited the library. Members of our team provided assistance by creating video tutorials for different questions in the workbooks. Students in Amagaro were also taught by our team how to create google and scratch accounts, and each participating student sent their first email. When the students returned to school, we played an instrumental role in developing the robotics program at St. Thomas All Girls Secondary School (STAGGS). They began with the scratch workbooks and moved on to programming the VEX robots. We continuously update a website with new resources and videos for them, stay in contact through whatsapp, and meet with them virtually every other Saturday to discuss their progress and provide assistance. When students or advisors at STAGGS have a question, students from our team will create a video tutorial demonstrating how to fix it. In March of 2023, the STAGGS robotics team attended two science fairs and won first place at both. Winning allows them to move on to a regional competition in late April. Students from the St. Thomas’ team are continuing to improve and learn new skills. Our ultimate goal is to start a FIRST Robotics team with the students.


To share this event with the world, one member and one advisor of our team spoke at the NGO CSW Forums in March 2023 alongside members from Kiwimbi International. At the event, our team’s representatives discussed the impact the program had on our members and the noticeable changes we saw in the STAGGS team.


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