Our Leadership

2020 Infinite Recharge

Project Manager: Olivia S.
Build Leads: Billy G. and Irma M.
Design Lead: Gio L.
Marketing & Finance Lead: Luke J.
Software Leads: Nico C. and Meaghan S.

2020 Leadership Team: (from left) Luke, Gio, Jonathan, Nico, Olivia, Billy, Meaghan and Aswathi

2019 Destination: Deep Space

Project Managers: Tommy B. and Kevin H.
Design, Build & Programming Leads: Alex. G. and Jude P.
Management Outreach & Business Leads: Joanna G. and Logan T.

2018 FIRST Power Up

CEO: Mitchell J.
Build Leads: Alex G. and Kevin H.
Communications Lead: Joseph B.
Software Leads: Jude P. and Olivia S.

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