Curriculum and Instruction

SOCSD new teachers gathered to engage in learning teaching strategies and structures that further empower students in learning and application to problems across various content areas. We began the day talking about what it means to empower students with structures and strategies that can be applied anywhere. We also talked about the need for students to develop independence in transferring and applying skills and knowledge to a variety of situations, problems, and across disciplines. Nicole Koch from Innovative Designs in Education and Dr. Joe Lloyd, Director of Staff Relations facilitated the New Teacher Workshop. Teachers shared what they learned about themselves in their first year of teaching in the district and one signature instructional practice that they have found to be successful with their students. We also gathered feedback via a survey about how to strengthen the SOCSD Mentoring Program. We learned about structures and strategies that work for students both in school and at home. We explored Problem-based, project-based, placed based, professional based, and pursuit-based learning and teachers shared ways that they have created videos/tutorials for students to watch or re-watch lessons. These videos have been essential for students to have access to their learning when the teacher is not present or within close proximity at that moment in time. We also talked about the value of teacher-created videos versus online video tutorials and how the level of student engagement in much greater when they see their own teacher in the video. Teachers then engaged in a discussion protocol about Empowerment and Student-Driven Learning with each person taking on a different role within the group. We ended the day by taking the Myers-Briggs personality test to demonstrate the different types of teachers and learners in our schools. The eye-opening moment for all of us was to learn how getting to know yourself as an educator is just as important as getting to know your students.

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