Curriculum and Instruction

The SOCSD Math Leadership team (K-12) members met for the first time since September 2019. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet and reacquaint ourselves with each other, while also reestablishing the purpose and goals of the team with a focus on the development of learning objectives and teaching strategies across grades K-12. We began with an activity where school team members identified learning gaps they are currently noticing with their students. Each school’s team shared with the larger group and we were able to identify common themes across grades k-12. Everyone had the opportunity to share their thoughts and observations from the first few weeks of school. Each team brainstormed how to address these learning gaps and the needs of the students and teachers as we continue to adjust to in person learning. The leadership team is in the process of bringing this information back to the schools and sharing it with their colleagues. School based teams are developing teaching strategies and after school programs to meet our student’s needs.

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