South Orangetown Middle School


Reporting Absences

Please call (845) 680-1143 to report an absence.

Attendance is checked every period and marked electronically by the class teacher. Regularity of attendance and punctuality is required of all students. If you are absent from class(es), calls will be made home by the automated attendance system. Absence, tardiness, or departure from school before the end of the school day will be excused for the following reasons only:

  • Illness
  • Serious illness or death in the family
  • Serious, contagious epidemic disease in the household where you reside
  • Doctor appointments which cannot be arranged for any other time
  • Required presence in court
  • Other activities with prior approval of the Principal

Absence for the reasons set forth above will be excused by the Principal upon receipt of a written, signed explanation from your parent/guardian, which must be submitted to the Main Office on your first day back to school. You will be required to make up missed school work during periods of absence. In the event of an unexcused absence and/or failure to make up work missed, a grade(s) of zero maybe assigned. Any unexcused absence will be treated as truancy (illegal absence from school).

Eighth-grade students enrolled in classes bearing high school credit are subject to the TZHS minimum attendance procedure.

Requesting Absentee Assignments

In the event of an extended absence due to illness, please call the Counseling Office at (845) 680-1106 to request assignments. The secretary will be happy to put out a homework request for your child. Teachers have 24 hours from the time of request to submit assignments for pick up. Parents/guardians can pick up these assignments in the Counseling Office. The student needs to be absent at least two (2) school days in order for a formal request to be honored.

Assignments will not be provided in advance if a student is taking extended vacation time. In the case of a brief period of absenteeism, students should call a classmate or check teacher websites for assignments. There is a page available in the student handbook to place classmates’ phone numbers for each subject area. Students are encouraged to have at least two contacts per subject area written in their student handbook from the start of the school year. Parents/guardians should check their child’s student handbook to ensure their child obtained this information.

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