Tappan Zee High School


Minimum Attendance Procedure

In order to receive credit for a course at TZHS, students must earn an average of 65% or higher (including a final exam or assessment). In addition, students may not miss more than the number of class periods for any class as outlined below:

  • 1 Credit Course: 18 Absences
  • ½ Credit Course: 9 Absences
  • Physical Education: 6 Absences

All unexcused absences count against the minimum attendance requirement for course credit. Unexcused absences include lateness in excess of 20 minutes, class cuts and truancy. If a student needs to leave school prior to the end of the school day, a parent/guardian must provide prior notice to the attendance office. Parents must follow the process detailed in “if you need to leave school early” in the handbook. For excused absences, parents must provide appropriate documentation in a timely fashion. Parents cannot excuse cuts, truancy or lateness to class. Consequences will be assigned as outlined in the Student Handbook for class cuts, truancy, and lateness. Absences such as music lessons, office visit, field trips, AP exams and other school-related absences will not be counted against minimum attendance requirements. Students are responsible for making up all missed work regardless of the reason for the absence.

On days that school is in session, it is expected that students be in attendance barring illness. If families have special events while school is in session, students are required to make-up missed work upon their return to school. We will do our best to work with families upon receiving notice of a special family event, but the accommodation of work in advance may not be feasible.

Extended Illness
During the first week of an extended illness, a parent or guardian must contact the school. Parents must provide a doctor’s note, detailing the nature of the illness as well as the potential length of absence. Students of compulsory age who anticipate an absence of two or more consecutive weeks will be provided a home tutor.

Notification of Class Absences
Students and their parents or guardians will be informed of class absences at various intervals as noted below:

Unexcused Absences*
First Warning: 7
Second Warning: 12
Loss of Credit: 19
Total Absences**
Warning Notice: 9
Chronic Absence: 18

Unexcused Absences*
First Warning: 4
Second Warning: 7
Loss of Credit: 10
Total Absences**
Warning Notice: 4
Chronic Absence: 9

Unexcused Absences*
First Warning: 3
Second Warning: 5
Loss of Credit: 7
Total Absences**
Warning Notice: 3
Chronic Absence: 6

*Includes attendance codes A (Unexcused Absence) and U (Late Unexcused)
** Includes attendance codes A (Unexcused Absence) and U (Late Unexcused) plus ED (Early Dismissal), L (Late Excused), X (Excused Absence) and N (Nurse).

All unexcused absences are counted toward the attendance policy in which students may no longer receive credit in a course if they reach the number of absences specified in the Loss of Credit column. If a student is absent for more than the allowable number of class meetings due to an extenuating circumstance or if there is a disagreement in the number of absences, he/she can make an application to the Appeals Committee. Appeals must be requested within 10 school days from the date of the Final letter.

The Appeals Committee is comprised of teachers and administrators, and this committee will make a recommendation to the Principal for a final decision. If the decision of the Appeals Committee is not to reinstate the student’s eligibility to earn credit, this information will be reflected on the student’s transcript. If a student exceeds the number of allowable absences and chooses not to appeal, the student’s transcript will reflect that the withdrawal/drop was due to excessive absences.

Both unexcused and excused absences are counted toward chronic absence. If a student reaches the number of absences specified in the Chronic Absence column, they will be contacted by a staff member to discuss attendance concerns, strategies and possible consequences for continued non-attendance.

Reporting Absences

Please use our attendance email address, tzhsattendance@socsd.org, when contacting the school for attendance related matters, or call either (845) 680-1600 and press 1, or (845) 680-1652.

Full Day Absence: Any full day absence from school should be reported by the parent/guardian to the Attendance Office on the day of, or before the absence. You may attach documentation such as a doctor’s note, college letter, etc. when applicable.

Lateness: Contact the Attendance Office prior to your child’s arrival (or send them with a note). Students must report to the Attendance Office as soon as they arrive at school to obtain a Late Pass.

Early Dismissal: Students must obtain an Early Dismissal Pass from the Attendance Office prior to leaving school. You can call, e-mail or send a note for early dismissal. Please include a phone number where we can contact you on any note or e-mail. Please notify the Attendance Office in the morning prior to the early dismissal.

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