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français II

In French II, new vocabulary will be introduced and reinforced via thematic units. There will be dialog and discussion based on reading assignments, current events, and other sources. Emphasis is placed on building vocabulary, recognition of word families, and the development of more confidence in speaking. Writing skills are developed through guided composition, dialogue, letters, and free response on topics of personal interest and culture. Students also will learn about French history, music, cinema, food, and the francophone world.



français III

French III will continue to stress the goals and objectives of your first two levels of French. Listening comprehension and speaking skills will improve, as students gain more confidence in expressing themselves. In addition, writing skills will be emphasized through letter writing, reviews, and journals, as well as through guided composition. Grammar skills and vocabulary are expanded via reading, which will progress from relatively simple reading selections to unedited texts of moderate difficulty. At the conclusion of this course, you will take a Regents Equivalency Exam.