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Welcome to Active Science!  This is our class blog.  We will communicate with each other using this blog.  This will also be a website that will direct you where to go for our learning units.  Highlights of our class will be posted on this site. 

Our year will be filled with an exploration in themes that scientists in the field explore in Biology.  We will begin our year with a study of the scientific method followed by beginning our unit of Marine Biology.  We will explore the diversity of fish in the ocean and discover how these fish effect our lives.  Our units will begin with a problem and we will develop the problem solving and critical thinking skills to be scientific decision makers.  Another element of our class will be through learning how to be good scientists through conducting labs. 

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Shark Lab Report Cover Page

Lab Report Cover Sheet


The purpose of a lab report cover sheet is to find out what you have learned about the lab.  During the course of the lab you and your partners will be collecting data and information together.  So it is conceivable that each person in your team will have the same or similar data.  The lab report cover sheet allows me to see your individual ideas and learning that has taken place. 


Additionally, it is very important to be able to convey what was learned in a scientific manner using the written word.  Writing the report cover sheet will prepare you to write lab reports in other science classes. 


All labs must be submitted with a cover sheet, and must include the following:


  • Proper Heading

    • Date lab was started

    • Title of lab

  • Purpose of the lab (stated in your own words)

  • The results of doing the lab (what data was collected)

  • 2 statements describing what you learned from doing the lab

  • 2 questions about this topic that you want to learn more about

  • Cover sheets should be typed, and proper grammar and spelling should be used.

Popplet: Marine Science Careers and Technology

Marine Science Careers and Technology

You will be creating a popplet on a marine science career. You may choose one of the careers listed below or choose your own.

  • Ocean engineering
  • Marine biology
  • Marine mammal trainer
  • Marine archaeology
  • Marine researcher
  • Marine science educator
  • Aquatic veterinarian
  • Navy/Marine/Coast Guard
  • Scuba diving instructor
  • Underwater filmmaker

 To begin with, we will watch a brief tutorial about Popplet.  -Popplet Tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxLDsWHsQ1g&feature=related


Your popplet will begin with your chosen career in the center. From there, please have at least 3 popples extending from the center point. (courses, employment opportunities, technology used), From each popple, you need three sub-topics. At least one of them must contain a picture or a graphic. Please see the sample for more specific guidance.


Once you understand how Popplet works, you need to gather information for each of the topics.  You will need to research information on your topic. You may use any of our class notes in your independent notebook, plus the Internet. Below is a list of sites to start.