Independent Reading Book Information & Reader’s Notebook

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” – Joseph Addison

Reading is a major part of our life in 

readers notebookELA class.  It is expected that you read every night.  Sometimes I will assign a genre or a specific text, while other times, you will have the choice to read anything you would like!  

While yreaders notebook1ou read, you must also record your thoughts about your reading in a Reader’s Notebook.

Because of the unconventional times we are living and learning in, this year you will be using a Digital Reader’s & Writer’s Notebook. We will be launching this on the Google Classroom and then will be using it all year!

**If you like working in a traditional notebook, you may do so.  Just take a picture and add it to your Digital Readers & Writer’s Notebook!  I am happy to teach you how to do this, if you don’t know how.**

A Reader’s notebook is a valuable tool for understanding the texts you read on your own.  It is an open-ended conversation with yourself and the book, showing your thinking as you read.  You can create:

  • maps
  • lists
  • charts
  • record important passages and your thoughts and reactions to those passages
  • ask questions, etc.  

This will be especially valuable when completing assignments, discussing in book clubs, and gauging your growth as a reader from September to June.  

Once you have have completed your assigned book for a given unit, you should pick up another.  Think about it: to get better at reading, you have to practice – just like playing a sport!  

Remember to have the book you are reading and acess to your Digital Reader’s & Writer’s Notebook in class each day. 

Need inspiration?  Don’t know what to read?  Here are some sites that will help you choose:

New York Times Best Seller Lists: These lists are published regularly and list the most popular books for your age group, so check back frequently!

  1. NY Times Young Adult Paperback
  2. NY Times Middle Grade Paperback
  3. NY Times Graphic Books and Manga
  4. NY Times Children’s Middle Grade Hardcover
  5. NY Times Children’s Series
  6. NY Times Young Adult Hardcover