June 2

Video Games and Education

Video games are a fun part of everyday activities, but they can be used for education.

Games like Minecraft and Town of Salem teach us many things for life. I Minecraft You learn to be creative and build things. And in Town of Salem you learn good cooperative skills to reach a common goal. You can play these games and learn things while still having fun at the same time.

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May 9


                   Gotham, night time. The worst time… Scum, criminals, psychopaths. And the worst of them all… Him. He kills for fun. Innocence… dead, at the hands of him. “Can’t you take a joke? Ha ha ha!” he says with the blood of his victims at his feet. Arkham doesn’t know what to do with him. Constantly escaping and just killing more innocent, just for laughs. “He he he! Come on Batsy! It’s fun!” No remorse, no guilt, just… Giggles…

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March 24

Challenge Lab. Arcade

When the 7th grade odd day challenge lab. wanted to do a class project, we came up with The Challenge Lab. Arcade! To contribute, all you had to do was submit a game on scratch and/or be on the committee. On the committee, we used a rubric to judge the games. I was in charge of the arcade box that was used. I also made a game for it called Universe Pong.

My Game: